Current Price structure for open and limited edition prints. 
(Price of limited edition work for each size will increase as the edition becomes scarce) 

8"x 12"  Open Edition  Printed on Kodak  Metallic Paper - Matted to 11"x14"  : $55
8"x 12"  Open Edition  Printed on Kodak Metallic Paper - Matted/Framed to 12"x15"  : $75

8"x 12"  Limited Edition of 25  Printed on Kodak Metallic Paper
(The Silence of Passing Time (Selma), Cool Springs)
               -  Matted/Framed to 12"x15"  : $120 

11"x17"  Limited Edition Printed on Kodak  Metallic Paper 
                - Custom Matted/Framed : $190-$220

12"x 24"  Limited Edition Printed on Kodak  Metallic Paper 
                -  Custom Matted/Framed to Approx. 16"x28"  : $370-$440

16"x24"  Limited Edition Printed on Kodak  Metallic Paper

                - Matted/Framed to 20"x30"   :  $440-$540 

24"x36'  Limited Edition  Printed on Kodak  Metallic Paper- 
                -  Framed to 32"x44"   :  $890 - $1270

Civil War Era Restoration & Colorization Prints -
8"x 10"  Limited Edition of 50  Printed on Fine Art Watercolor Paper or Canvas
 ( John S. Mosby, Lucien Powell) : $140

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