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Luke R. Greer : Black & White Heritage Photography  :  Historic and Natural World

 A native of Loudoun County, Virginia, Luke Greer began his research based-heritage photography to preserve the scenes and collective history of the rapidly vanishing rural lifestyle within Civil War landscapes. His high-contrast black and white images pay homage to photographic processes from the 1860's through the early 1900's. These processes are juxtaposed by his contemporary digital practices and strongly dynamic aesthetic style. 

"Whether it be historical locations, endangered landscapes, or vanishing culture, there is a story to be told behind each image. Greer captures and accentuates something essential in each photograph based on extensive research and experience."
- Portfolio Magazine, Mountains Edition August 2014

Greer finds inspiration through photographers of the past who passionately invested themselves in the adventure of their work, such as Edward S. Curtis, Alexander Gardner, Timothy O'Sullivan, Julian Dimock and Eddie Adams. His fine art photographs can be found in select galleries, publications, exhibitions, private collections and at a variety of upcoming events.

  "The photography of Virginia native Luke Greer, takes a powerful contemporary approach to historic landscape and still life."
- Art Critic, Donald Miller

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