Artist Statement - Luke R. Greer

My mission is to give reverence and encourage preservation through the creation of powerful images. I feel serious matters, especially those of life and death are most respectfully represented in shades of grey, using compositions of light and structure. Black and white photography balances the dream world with the living, it is both an accurate depiction and an altered state.

 - Luke R. Greer 2015

“Go in cheerfully boys.” <br />
Antietam National Battlefield,<br />
Sharpsburg Maryland.<br />
2014<br />
<br />
“Go in cheerfully boys.”<br />
<br />
 - Robert E. Lee calls out to sixty-six survivors of the 1st North Carolina who are about to enter battle for the third time that day.<br />
<br />
Taken at the location of The Final Attack, which took place on the bloodiest day in American History.  September 17, 1862.<br />
<br />
Quote: From Taken at the Flood Robert E. Lee & Confederate Strategy in the Maryland Campaign of 1862 by Joseph L. Harsh. Kent: The Kent State University Press, 1999.
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