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Photography By Luke R. Greer

Raised in Loudoun County, Virginia which served as the borderlands dividing north and south during the American Civil War. Luke Greer began his research and photography work to preserve the landscapes, stories, and collective history of a vanishing rural Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, and surrounding areas for future generations.

Growing up in a home where wildlife rehabilitation was continuously taking place instilled a deep appreciation for the natural world. This is reflected in much of his everglades photography. He chooses to work at close range with a lens 300mm or less for wildlife, which requires personal interaction with the subject and results in direct eye contact. As an award winning photographer he prides himself on capturing moments and the world around him with a unique and personal view.

His goal is to inspire a reverence for his subjects among his audience and initiate a dialog. Whether it be vanishing landscapes, weather events, abandoned properties of historical notoriety, wildlife in fragile habitats, battlefields, or places significant to Native American and local culture. There is a story to be told, something to be saved, revered, or remembered, a moment in time captured with sentiment and admiration.

A collector and conservator of antique prints, part of his historical work pays homage to the styles and techniques used from the 1860's through the early 1900's juxtaposed with modern digital practices. He finds his inspiration in photographers who passionately invested themselves in the adventure of their work such as Edward S. Curtis, Alexander Gardner, Julian Dimock & Eddie Adams.

His work is currently undergoing an exciting metamorphosis and 2014 will undoubtedly be a benchmark in the evolution of his work. His photographic art prints, civil war era colorization canvases, and limited edition black and white silver gelatin images are all available for purchase.


Historical Black and White

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Wildlife In Color

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Landscapes in Color

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Historical Gold & Sepia Tone

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Aerial Photography

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Civil War Era Digital Restoration

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Award Winning Captures

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